CB Rewards

Everytime you buy an eligible bag of food or litter at our store, you could earn a FREE bag!

To earn your FREE bag, sign up for the CB Reward program at our store. Once you’re a member, every eligible bag of food or litter you purchase will be marked on your reward card. When you complete your card, you will earn a FREE bag!

To learn which food or litter is eligible for the reward program, look for this symbol on the food and litter products on our website:

CB Rewards Icon

Click on the eligible product and the reward total will be listed under “Additional Information.”


  • each bag on the card qualifies as one purchase regardless of size
  • the free bag must be equal to or smaller than the smallest bag on the card
  • all bags on the card must be from the same brand
  • reward members consent to providing their contact information which may be shared with the brand manufacturers
  • the reward program may be changed, altered, or discontinued at any time without notice
  • additional stipulations may apply depending on the brand or product

Contact us for full details or for any questions at (519) 893-3743