CB Pet Food Guarantee

The CB Pet Food Guarantee allows you to return any dry food purchased at our store so long as it meets the following criteria:

  1. half the bag (or more) is remaining
  2. the expiration date has not passed
  3. you have proof of purchase (e.g. a receipt)

We will take your food back and give you a refund or the food will be exchanged for a different product. (Your choice.)

The CB Pet Food Guarantee means you’re able to try a brand of food without worrying about your pet’s reaction. Try the food and, so long as it meets the criteria above, you can bring it back for refund or exchange.

Pet food returns must be completed at our retail store. We do not accept returns through the mail and we cannot process returns during deliveries.

What happens to the unused food?

So long as the food is not spoiled or in any way unsafe, we donate the returned food to local pet rescues which then allocates the food as they see fit.

Will returning food cause CB to lose money?

No. When you return food to us, you get your money back and our distributor will reimburse us the cost of the food. Nobody suffers any financial harm.

Does canned pet food qualify for the guarantee?

We do not take returns on opened cans of pet food. (If there is something wrong with the canned food, please contact the manufacturer directly.)

You may return unopened cans of pet food so long as the expiration date has not passed and you have proof of purchase. See our Return Policy for complete details.

What about other products?

For returns which are not dry food, please see our Return Policy.