Gift Certificates

Friend or family just got a new puppy? Maybe a kitten? Need a thoughtful gift for a birthday or holiday? We have gift certificates!

The most popular increments are $25, $50 and $100, but you can choose from any amount starting at $5 and going up in $5 increments.

Gift Certificates may be redeemed for any product, including food. If you have a Gift Certificate to redeem, show us the certificate when cashing out. We’ll track your balance until the certificate is fully redeemed.


  • Gift Certificate must be presented to our sales rep for redemption
  • We cannot redeem a Gift Certificate without the physical certificate
  • Gift Certificate must be handed over to our sales rep once fully redeemed
  • Only complete, original and undamaged Gift Certificates can be redeemed
  • Gift Certificate facsimiles cannot be accepted
  • CB Pet Food & Supplies is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged Gift Certificates
  • Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for services (e.g. delivery fee, grooming, etc.)

Contact us for full details or for any questions at (519) 893-3743