Rescue Donations

Everyday Donations

Do you have pet food or products you can’t use?

Want to help out a local rescue in need?

We accept all donations and pass them onto the Grand River All Breed Rescue. They deal with all types of pets from cats and dogs through small animals and wildlife.

Receive 10% off any product purchased in our store for immediate donation.

If you’d like to donate an item purchased outside our store, please bring it to our retail store and we’ll make sure it gets to the rescue.

Annual Pet Food Drive

Each year, for the month of December, we hold a Pet Food Drive, asking for donations of any unopened pet food for the Grand River All Breed Rescue.

When you purchase your Pet Food Drive donation from our store, you’ll receive special deals! (We also accept donations purchased outside our store. Everything helps!)

Full details will be posted in December. Thanks for your help!